President’s State of the Union Address Hopeful for Eastern North Carolina

The President highlighted a number of potential economic opportunities for eastern/northeastern North Carolina in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, February, 12, 2013. Elected officials at the local, state and national level have an opportunity to form a coalition of supporters to help urge leaders to move forward. The President talked about Youngstown, Ohio and the success of the Manufacturing Innovation Institute and his proposal to establish 3 additional with a network of 15 hubs. High quality preschool available to all and a living wage were also on the topic; all of which would impact local communities in rural North Carolina.

Being informed and understanding the issues that impact you, your family and community are important.  The power to bring about change begins when you understand everyone can make a difference. If you are employed, but underemployed, or if you are unemployed, you have an opportunity to help bring needed commerce, regulatory and systemic changes to rural North Carolina. Listen to the President’s address and listen closely to the topics that have potential in rural North Carolina. Call your local, state and national leaders in support of the six key topics from the President’s address listed in the article below.

The full length of the State of the Union Address is in the clip at the top of this article.