Breaking News: Bertie County, North Carolina: Tragic Loss of Life of Two Brothers on Their Way to High School Graduation

Life can be fickle. One moment we are fierce beings in charge of our lives; then the next second, the unthinkable happens. Just this week tragedies once again, found its way across the states- from Philadelphia, to Santa Monica to small-town  USA. Two precious lives were taken too soon en route to a rural high-school graduation where families gathered to celebrate milestones.

On behalf of County Impact, we pray for the family and friends of brothers Deonta and Anthony Whitaker; two brothers who lost their lives en route to Deonta’s high-school graduation Saturday morning in Bertie County, North Carolina. We recognize the value of life and what it means.  No words can express the deep, deep sorrow felt. With heavy hearts, we extend our prayers to the family, believing God will give generously his peace, to bear such a burden as this.