Breaking News NFL Draft: What Does Minnesota Vikings Have to Do With Northeastern, North Carolina? Congratulations Travis Bond #76

Bertie County can smile much bigger and cheer a lot louder. Bragging rights go to the county with the drafting of native Travis Bond by the Minnesota Vikings to the NFL. A student at the University of North Carolina, Travis has worked hard over a number of years to position himself to fulfill his dream. An overview of Travis’ pick can be found at:

Travis’ success is not an ordinary accomplishment, but one that is no less than what was expected. Hailing from a small community tucked in a rural agrarian landscape, in northeastern, NC-Colerain, he has made everyone proud and at the same time, inspired generations of young kids who live there. They have now been given reason to consider more intentionally, a commitment to chase their own dreams, so they too, can achieve great things.

Travis is an amazing young man. His heart is as strong as he is an athlete. Congratulations to Travis, his family, his community and the Minnesota Vikings.