Breaking News Over Weekend Just Kept Coming: No Time To Catch Your Breath

Over the Easter weekend there were a number of alerts being tweeted and sent with grave potential not only abroad, but at home and locally as well. North Korea continues to concern the world community. America positions itself as an ally of South Korea and a DA and his wife are met with an unfortunate set of events that cost them their lives and with each situation, communities suffer loss.  In the midst of such breaking news, there is a need for calm resolve. The time for understanding we live in a very different world, with a very different set of circumstances to contend with is now. There is an evil in the world during a time when everyone is trying to rebound from market crashes and delays in fiscal rulings with hopes that it will be for the good of all people. Then there are the stickier scenarios, events that continue to occur like new legislation and taxes and a call for tighter laws like gun control and other rights blazing across the ticker.

Then there are everyday people just trying to make a living. Their perspective about all of this is a simple one; nothing surprises any more. They see life and living as a complex journey that only the brave are fitted to run. To them, North Korea, the events unfolding in Texas, or Atlanta or in California with a 18 year older and drunk driving and the lives of five he killed, are reminders that there is no immunity to trouble.

The most powerful have as much conflict and struggle as the least of those with not nearly the same in might. Their conflicts are multiplied time their ability to influence and the least of them struggle more for what is needed now, for daily survival. All in all, the powerful and the mighty and the poor and needy, all need our prayers during such a time of unrest.

Being attentive to the times and the growing issues that threaten the quality of life of all Americans is now.  What we do is paramount to how we survive the throes of unprecedented challenges. Our individual might is armed in those we elect to be our voice- our representative, and then we rest in that decision.  But, the time for resting only, has ended. The second phase of our commitment to our country and its domestic and foreign partners is to join in prayer for calm and level headiness as diplomacy works its way through a decorous of reasoned negotiations.

History will record these moments. Prayer seeks a ready pen to script a happy ending. It is the cause, we chose to fight that demands our attention and determines the might of our labor. Such a cause is to live in a world where human rights is the right of all. It’s all about the people. It is all about making decisions during a time of great challenge with a mental clarity that moves beyond the urgency of the moment and into the resolve after the conflict.

There are forces beyond our control that impact us all. From trade agreements in foreign lands to those that exist right here at home. War and unrest shroud’s communities all over the world with a sense of vulnerability that escalates to hopelessness and  despair.  The freedoms we have in America costs. The lives of those who fight and have fought to keep us a sovereign nation, is at risk at all times when aggressors to our freedom seek to disarm it at any cost.

As we prepare to witness a changing world changing even more dramatically, prayer becomes the overwhelming majority. In the quietness of our home or in the midst of the turmoil in a desert over seas, it is a tool at the ready for all people, living all places, in all types of situations.