County Impact is “Back Online”

County Impact is back online! It has been over a year since post have been made consistently to County Impact. During that time I’ve been fully engaged in the community working alongside people, ideas and paradigms that shape and reshape conversations on poverty. Conversations on poverty and its impact upon regions of states and communities across the nation is of specific interest. The daughter and grand-daughter of tenant farmers, issues of poverty have impacted the call to be an effective voice over an entire lifetime. The desire to be a meaningful contributor committed to preventing, eliminating and eradicating poverty, has never waned.

Over the past several months, there is meaningful work being conceptualized by caring community leaders who have committed to a year of discovery. The pathway forward is not an easy one. It is bolted by frames of work that have measured the poor by personal effort mainly and not by tightly woven public policies that prohibit the poor from “really” helping themselves.

An even smaller poverty team has convened out of the larger group to “unmine” potential. Being queried is what it will take to remove the poor from roles of lack and into pathways of a lot more abundance. The belief that a frail economic based people can demand legislation that favors their needs is ill-placed. They can at best, pray and vote and pray and vote and pray and vote with hopes that the prayer they pray and the vote they cast will not return void.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, I look forward to the many conversations we will have around poverty and its elimination, prevention and eradication. There is an answer to the tremendous needs our community face – and that answer lies in each of us. We have to KEEP THE FAITH until we find answers!
Keeping the Faith…

Founder, County Impact