Drones Create Jobs -a Call for One in Eastern North Carolina

Drones for civilian use is about to become a reality. The Federal Aviation Administration has made a request for proposals to create six drone sites across the US. With this request, comes a practical application of drones in civilian life. The demand from law enforcement agencies, farmers to monitor crops, to fire fighting, and nonmilitary security work. What cannot be overlooked are citizen concerns over privacy issues. Nonetheless, drones will be manufactured in the US, and competitive communities look to bring jobs to their community.

Competition will be high. Northeastern North Carolina with its rural nature and strategic geographic alliance with access from a number of transport sectors makes it worth getting in the bidding for consideration. The only competition we don’t win is the one we decide not to enter. Of course, there are a number of activist groups opposed to drone use within a civilian construct. Nonetheless, its potential benefit appears to be outweighing concerns about privacy rights. The FAA has posted on its website, ways they are approaching drone usage as it speaks to privacy to provide a heighten level of ease to everyday citizens.

In the northeast, economic development has been a slow grueling process. Many would say there has not been any sizable job development in too many years to count, and the people in the area are suffering as a result. Poverty abounds nonstop and the need to provide meaningful employment opportunities is without questioning. The workforce needed to attract a drone site in eastern North Carolina can be achieved. Community College systems will be challenged to improve their strength and visibility. Such a challenge is only made possible when there is a vision that extends beyond the ordinary. A drone site in the northeast is that “beyond the ordinary” opportunity…a sort of “tipping point” that reconfigures and transforms a persistent poverty region into a place of real possibility.

This is a call for our North Carolina delegation representing eastern and northeastern North Carolina to join forces to get us a drone site. The case can be made, making us a strong competitor. Convening stakeholders at every level of community wields a competitive force like none other. It is up to us as citizens, to call, write, text and tweet our support. It is time we get in the economic development game; a game that stands between our persistent poverty, and our enjoyment of a better quality of life.