Take Charge: Mounting Concern Over Surviving A Growing Culture of Demands

Whether you’ve just rolled over and slammed the alarm buttoning any early departure from bed. Or if you’ve kicked off the covers at a resort of sort and are hoping the weather is amazingly cooperative, rest, relaxation and a commitment to “a good time” is critical to personal performance that is matchless.

As the airways continue to deliver alerts of unrest and devastation, the stress of owning any of it, can take its toll when layered on top of responsibilities of everyday living. Health experts stress the importance of rest at a whopping 7 to 8 hours a night. The reality of such a notion is that there is not enough time in a day to make such a commitment. There are reports to write, meetings to attend and planning that’s strategic not to include, kids and their games, marriage and its commitment and of course the rest of the family, community and its demands and increasing needs.

Confronting each day with a vigor of innovation and ability to present the best you intellectually, physically and spiritually, places a demand on your understanding of the need to rest. Definitionally, it does not relax the need to be intentional in order to accomplish such a feat. The many demands that have already been identified, is an impossibility without it.  To put your feet up, take a break or take it easy is synonymous with basking in the pleasures accomplishments bring over a life time without attending to the disruption that being overworked will bring. Burnout is a reality more tangible and measurable than not. Individual tenacity and will can prolong the inevitable but in the absence of sound reasoning and chosen perspective of living life long and loud by instituting frames of rest and relaxation, will nullify such a personal will and deliver a seething disclaimer reading, was here and now gone.

Intellectual stimulation has to also be mentioned. Rest rules mainly here as well. Brain activity at maximum all day and everyday with short stints of rest cripples performance over time.  The brain needs time to renew itself. Brain rejuvenation aids in sensible thinking, relaxed conversation,  and the landing of deals and promotions that otherwise might get delayed or derailed indefinitely and in many cases forever.  Dependable human performance is what the marketplace demands in its highly competitive state, and wherever there is a substantially sustainable edge, is where decisions must be made.

Bouts of meditation and inner contemplation with amazing reflections, is an “inner” edge that if sharpened, can deliver amazing results. Processing interactions, responsibility and the reality of negotiations needing attending to in advance of or right afterward improves outcomes. Braids of all three as a cord, resting the body, the brain and dousing it with purposeful reflection is a formula for making it through the zillion-quad drillion alerts delivered to your in-box all day.