New Hampshire Primary and a “New” Voter Dynamic?

Tonight, the New Hampshire primary caucus turned out at a record breaking pace. There were no real surprises other than Jeb Bush has “found” himself, as they say and Trump wins by a lot and so does Sanders. I just left a Democratic Party board meeting. Tonight was a much different night than in the past. You could tell how palpable the national elections by the interest locally. The information being disseminated and talked about at the party meeting was powerful. Those in attendance didn’t just sit there and be lectured to, instead, they were raising questions and helping shape the conversation.

With so much at stake in America- talk radio, TV, blogs and social media, are taking this election cycle and spinning it on its numbers. Who would have ever thought that a professed socialist would soar past an “establishment” candidate and that momentum keep going. Who would have ever thought that a real estate mogul would lead the Republican Party path toward the White House. It is mind boggling to consider the impact of a frustrated voter. Will there be any tempering of the Trumps or the Sanders as they forge forward? What does all of this mean when America, in droves, vote their frustration? America was built on a foundation that we all thought was immovable. Yet, it feels at times that states shake all at once. Everything seems to be challenged and at play are scenarios none of us, in our lifetimes would have dreamed.

I can tell you there is a real concern about who will commit to the interest of the African American community.  Looking at the candidate pool raises very difficult and painful questions. Will there be a rush to bring calm to the tens of thousands of “frustrated” Americans that don’t look like us? Is America creating a new voter dynamic that will push the needs of the African American community off the agenda all together? Who will have the will to tackle our issues? Public policy must reflect the needs of all citizens. As an African American female living in an economically distressed community, there is a heightened level of uncertainty. Yet, as a believer, there is tremendous comfort. Now is not the time for us to shrink back. Now is the time for us to knock on doors, make phone calls and use social media to do our bidding. We must commit to the seriousness of this election and VOTE.