State of the Union Address Opportunity for Rural Economic Growth

President Obama delivered a passionate State of the Union address. His speech holds great potential for rural North Carolina.

Look what’s within our reach… time to contact your local, state and national leaders to get them moving!

1. Manufacturing Innovation Institute – look to create 3 additional institute’s with a network of 15 hubs

Lobby for an institute or hub to be built in eastern North Carolina.

2. High quality preschool education – make quality preschool education available to every kid

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in America

Lobby for universal preschool education for all kids

3. Refinancing single family homes with a $3,000 a year savings – get rid of of overlapping regulations that’s prohibitive

Lobby for overlapping regulations to end so families can take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Race to the Top- Redesign High Schools for the High Tech Economy

Lobby for high schools to be equipped to properly prepare kids for a high tech economy.

5. Encourage Fatherhood – get rid of policies that force fathers out of the home so moms can get the assistance they need

Lobby to provide dad’s an opportunity to play a more supportive role in the lives of their children without jeopardizing preexisting support being received.

6. Living Wage – tie it to the cost of living index

Lobby for a living wage so every full time worker can make enough to meet the economic demands of their family.