Tragedy in Boston and Texas: Remembering Those Who Have Suffered Great Loss

While the world had its eyes on the Boston Marathon bombing, the people of WACO Texas had their lives ripped apart as well. In the early evening hours just north of Waco Texas, a fertilizer plant exploded last week. In its path were a nursing home, apartment complex, and firefighters that rushed to the scene to help. Now, in the aftermath of the explosion, local businesses were reported to be severely damaged to include a nursing home, and a school and homes were leveled. It is being said that up to 14 people have been killed to include firefighters who were among the first responders, EMTs and over 200 injured.

Needless to say, this Sunday is a day many approach their place of worship with heavy hearts. They are trying to make sense out of the tragedies. Appropriately, on Sunday, many of us are in worship. We attend our churches, and we ask for personal strength and courage to lead and provide for those we are responsible for. We ask that our lifestyles reflect our faith but today, we put aside our personal request and instead, pray for our American family in Boston and Texas.

The tragedies that they have incurred have left them with heavy hearts and for some, a questionable resolve. They need to feel the strength that we can provide as we remember them in prayer. Their road to recovery is long, but their beliefs are indelibly anchored in our willingness to provide them aid. Some of us are on the scene and with a hug or other warm embrace to express your support. And then, there are those of us who can make personal financial contributions and then there are all of us. We all can pray not just today being Sunday, but in the days to come- remembering those whose lives have been changed forever and those whose lives were taken in a senseless act of terror and in the unfortunate event of a chemical explosion.