New Hampshire Primary and a "New" Voter Dynamic?

New Hampshire Primary and a “New” Voter Dynamic?

Tonight, the New Hampshire primary caucus turned out at a record breaking pace. There were no real surprises other than Jeb Bush has “found” himself, as they say and Trump wins by a lot and so does Sanders. I just left a Democratic Party board meeting. Tonight was a much different night than in the past. You could tell how… Read more →

Congratulations Cam Newton - MVP... Ron Rivera Coach of the Year

Congratulations Cam Newton – MVP… Ron Rivera Coach of the Year

Just when I thought my day was coming to an end an alert delivers some amazing news. With blogs pointing at Cam in less than favorable ways, I had to send some love his way in an article “Cam Newton…I Wonder?”  The article raised a larger question. It wondered why such an athlete with Cam’s credentials, was being portrayed in… Read more →

Three Judges Rule... Two Congressional Voting Maps Invalidated in NC

Three Judges Rule… Two Congressional Voting Maps Invalidated in NC

Voting rights and race have always mattered. Just a few hours ago, breaking news reported that three federal judges ruled Congressional District 1, led by Congressman GK Butterfield, and Congressional District 12, led by Representative Alma Adams, were gerrymandered along racial lines and ordered them redrawn in two weeks. The decision by the three-judge panel will have an enormous impact… Read more →

Cam Newton...I Wonder?

Cam Newton…I Wonder?

For days now I have endured a smorgasbord of outlets reporting negatively on Cam Newton, a young African American quarterback for the Carolina Panthers who works hard and competes even harder, leading his team to Super Bowl 50. Imagine that. Here we have a young, 26-year-old African American male living his dream-navigating the politics of first the collegiate culture, and… Read more →

County Impact is "Back Online"

County Impact is “Back Online”

County Impact is back online! It has been over a year since post have been made consistently to County Impact. During that time I’ve been fully engaged in the community working alongside people, ideas and paradigms that shape and reshape conversations on poverty. Conversations on poverty and its impact upon regions of states and communities across the nation is of… Read more →

Citizen Engagement Begins With Serving on Boards Committees and Commissions

Citizen Engagement Begins With Serving on Boards Committees and Commissions

APPLICATION FOR BERTIE COUNTY AUTHORITIES, BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES Citizens have a responsibility to be intentional about serving. Serving your community is civic basics. Communities must express, not only in dialogue only, but in leadership mostly, the complexion of the communities they serve. Boards, committees and commissions provides every citizen the opportunity to be considered for service. However, if your choice… Read more →